Environmental stewardship of cotton and denim production

XXD Textile has been a large scale clothing and textile garment manufacturer since 2013. Operating out of Vietnam, XXD currently produces 5000 tons of cotton yarn and 4 million yards of denim per month from their respective mills.

These mills oversee every step of the production process, from raw materials to finished garments. From preparation to combing, drawing, roving, winding, wrapping, weaving, finishing,

inspection and packaging, every step can be

marked and traced within the four walls of XXD.

This integrated, end-to-end approach ensures that the highest standards of quality, sustainability, reliability and traceability are met by the time the garment reaches its final stage. Furthermore, their sizable facilities contain the capacity for 20,000 tons of reserve stock, meaning even high demands can be met and held. This capacity has proven to be beneficial to clients, particularly given the current global shortages of cotton.

XXD also holds a number of certifications from organisations across the globe, including Cotton Australia, which verify their commitment to sustainable cotton and denim production processes. Their current water recycling protocols include rainwater recovery, cooling water reuse, steam condensate recovery and reverse osmosis, which as of 2023 has resulted in an 80% water recycling rate. By 2025, XXD aims to be at 100%. Their reverse osmosis system alone allows them to treat up to 85% of their waste water, saving 1300 tons of water per day.

They are committed to a “Green Denim” approach which sees their denim products be produced using recycled water, sewage and cotton for a more sustainable practice. For some denim products they have introduced a closed loop system which sees denim wastes be implemented back into production.

Approximately 10-15% of denim waste undergoes this re-introduction process, with the waste being applied to similar products from whence they came in order to maintain high standards of quality.

XXD also manufactures their denim to have an authentic vintage aesthetic. The craftsmanship and care applied right from the development of the fabric allows them work naturally to achieve that sought after vintage feel. XXD denim is also laser friendly, consistently scoring green in blue wrap tests which ensures optimal performance in laser finishing techniques. This enables clients and designers to freely and creatively work at the cutting edge of denim innovation.

With plans to launch a new spinning mill in 2024, occupying 20 hectares of land and specialising in spinning different cotton products, XXD hopes to bring new international clients into their fold.