Windwire and their Rollkin System


Cutting ties with laces

In 2010 the Fly System Rollkin 1.0 was brought into this world, the first dial lacing system from Windwire. It was a simple solution to an everyday encounter

– tying laces was to be replaced with the turn of a dial. More efficient, more secure, more durable, more modern.

Since then Windwire has continued to adapt and evolve their Rollkin dial system, with multiple variations and models released over the years including the latest Rolkin 9.9. These variations have tackled not only the technology within the dials, but the creative design of the outer faces. Made to be attractive not only to the customer but to the companies whose products the Rollkin can be mounted, with capacity provided for logos and colour coordination. This continued and focused effort to evolve their product has seen Windwire itself evolve and grow sustainably every year since its formation.

In 2012 Windwire produced an estimated 2 Million units in USD. The following 8 years has seen this number double to 4.1 Million in 2022 . These numbers reflect Windwire’s ability to take their innovation and generate interest for it internationally. Originally born in South Korea, Windwire now caters to buyers around the world, delivering quality Rollkin systems at competitive prices and in variable batch sizes.

The ease with which the Rollkin can be attached to pre-existing products such as shoes, backpacks and clothing is part of what makes it so appealing. The assembly is simple while providing strong durability and attractive design. Once tightened, the Rollkin will not untie on its own, even under duress. They can be tightened or loosened at the user’s behest without the fear of it unexpectedly becoming unwound.

Windwire has presented their Rollkin system at exhibitions in the United States, Japan, Germany, China and now Australia. Having attended the Global Sourcing Expo Australia in Sydney earlier this year – and having attracted great interest from multiple buyers in multiple industries – Windwire will once again be at the GSEA, this time in Melbourne.

Don’t miss your chance to witness their innovation first hand and experience a taste of life without tying laces.