Melbourne 2024

Learn from industry experts at the concurrent

Global Sourcing Seminar Series that equips
buyers with the latest insights and knowledge
across fashion,
trends, sustainability, marketing,
and supply chain.

Patty Huntington
Global Sourcing Seminars MC

Features and Fashion News Director of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia.

Tuesday 19 November 2024


Decoding The Brave New World of Retail: How Disruptions Have Sparked Game-Changing Innovations

Paul Zahra, CEO of the Australian Retailers Association will decode the ‘Brave New World’ of retail in a post-pandemic era. He’ll share how major disruptions have ignited ground breaking innovations and revolutionised the industry.

With new approaches to global sourcing and technology reshaping retail, he’ll examine the latest global and local trends, offering a captivating glimpse into the future by reflecting on the lessons of the past.

Paul Zahra, CEO, Australian Retailers Association, interviewed by Patty Huntington


Empowering Consumers to Drive Change

Curious about the future of textile waste? The statistics are staggering! Prepare to be inspired as Belinda Paul shares the actionable solutions that will make a real and immediate difference. Belinda’s mission with RCYCL is to breakdown the overwhelming data and empower everyone with impactful solutions to improve our environment.

Panellists from eBay Fashion, The Salvos Stores and Seamless Clothing Stewardship Scheme will join Belinda to discuss the opportunities ahead of us in the world of fashion recycling.

Belinda Paul, Founder and Director, RCYCL Pty Ltd, along with panellists from eBay Fashion, The Salvos Stores, Seamless Clothing Stewardship Scheme

1:00 – 2:00pm

Regulations and Realities – Navigating Regulatory Shifts and Consumer Demands in Fashion

In an era where sustainability has become a necessity, the fashion industry faces a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape that demands immediate and strategic action from retailers and manufacturers alike.  This insightful presentation summarizes the latest regulations and delves into the critical need for businesses to develop comprehensive sustainability programs that are not only compliant but also future proof.

Elizabeth Park, Industry Consultant, Fashion True Futures

2:30 – 3:30pm

AI, Marketing and Protecting your Brand

How can AI support and revolutionise your brand marketing whilst protecting your IP? Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • Understanding (IP) Intellectual Property [Trademark, Design, Copyright, Patent]
  • The Role of IP in Sourcing
  • Leveraging AI for IP Protection
  • Harnessing AI in Marketing Strategies
  • AI uses in Business Operations
  • Current trends in Marketing and Business
  • Navigating the Risks of using AI

Panel led by Brian Goldberg, Trademark Attorney, with Zoe Goodhardt Head of Growth and Marketing, TAG

Wednesday 20 November 2024


How do Australians acquire, use, and dispose of their clothing? Findings from a national survey

This panel of industry experts, government, and researcher representatives will discuss clothing acquisition, use and disposal behaviours in Australia. The discussion will highlight key findings from the nation’s first representative survey on clothing practices, offering an interesting look at the habits shaping the future of fashion. These results reveal important implications for policy at the local, state and federal levels. The results can also be used to monitor the uptake of circular practices over time in Australia, providing essential metrics for Australia’s transition to a circular clothing economy.

Professor Alice Payne, Dean School of Fashion & Textiles, RMIT University along with other industry representatives

Athena Voudiotis
Courtney Holm


Aligning your values – managing sourcing and the supply chain

Creating considered pieces that don’t compromise our planet and its people is one of today’s biggest challenges for manufacturers worldwide.

Athena Voudiotis, committed to minimising environmental impact and promoting positive social practices, will share her insights and strategies on ethical production.

Paul Murdoch, with 28 years of global sourcing experience, will discuss the importance of building key, sustainable partnerships.

Courtney Holm will dive into circular design for fashion and apparel while sharing how to scale sustainable business models.

Neale O’Connor will provide insights into negotiating with overseas suppliers to optimise business operations.

Athena Voudiotis Huxbaby, Paul Murdoch The Sourcing Club, Courtney Holm, A.BCH, and A/Professor Neale O’Connor La Trobe University

1:00 – 1:40pm

China Clothing Textiles and Accessories Expo Seminar and Presenter

30-minute presentation with a 10-minute Q&A

2.00 – 3.00pm

Tools to trace: Regulatory demands require real time traceability. Are you prepared?

Whether demonstrating cotton provenance for exports to the US, publishing supplier locations for laws in the EU, or collecting environmental data for carbon reporting, digital mapping of the supply chain beyond the first tier is now essential for regulatory compliance.

Navigating the move from manual spreadsheets to digital solutions is now easier given solutions on the market which combine physical traceability data with supply chain transactions to provide end to end supply chain visibility and product information.

Join this panel to learn how unlocking your supply chain in partnership with your suppliers enables your business to comply with reporting obligations in a timely manner as well as identify operational efficiencies to future proof your growth.

Melinda Tually, Director Ndless: The New Normal, Strategic Human Rights & Sustainability Consultancy, along with industry expert panellists

3.30 – 4.30pm

Understanding what you need succeed in the Fashion Industry

Do you have what it takes?

What you need to know to achieve your goal. Honest and thought-provoking insights from inside the mind of fashion buyer, mentor and industry expert who will share invaluable information and to prepare you and set you on the right path to realising your dream. Learn the hidden secrets to you need to achieve success nationally and internationally.

Jude Kingston, Director, Mind Your Fashion

Thursday 21 November 2024

Ellen Whippy-Knight
Tracey Farrington
Nicholas Huxley


The Fiji Fashion Explosion

A comprehensive discussion about the opportunities and challenges within the Fijian fashion and manufacturing industry. This session will explore everything from Fiji Fashion Week to the thriving Fijian apparel manufacturing industry which has attracted sourcing from international fashion labels.

We will hear from Kookai managing director Robert Cromb, who manufactures his global fashion brand out of both Fiji and Sri Lanka, as well as Tracey Farrington, a Fiji-based Australian designer with 30 years of manufacturing experience.

We’ll also hear fascinating insights from Fiji Fashion Week founder and managing director Ellen Whippy Knight, emerging menswear designer Temesia Tuicaumia and educator Nicholas Huxley, the former head of Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio (who taught so many of Australia’s best-known designers such as Nicky Zimmermann and Dion Lee and is now mentoring Fiji’s next generation of talent).

Ellen Whippy-Knight, Robert Cromb, Tracey Farrington, Temesia Tuicaumia, and Nicholas Huxley

1:00 – 2:00pm

Production and Sourcing Workshop

Unlock a detailed understanding of the production process with this overview designed to share essential knowledge and practical skills. We’ll cover the steps involved in the process and prepare you for production. You’ll gain insights from real life experiences and learn how to transform your designs into production plans.

Key topics will include;

  • How do you find and manage reliable suppliers, especially for small brands?
  • Quality Control and Design -learn how to avoid common design mistakes that can affect fabric and trim quality with a hands-on exercise to get you started.
  • Sourcing – Explore what sourcing entails, key questions to ask and current trends to watch.

Natasa Pitra-Grbic, Fashion Designer 2024 Australian Business champions award PITRA