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Patty Huntington
Global Sourcing Seminars MC

Features and Fashion News Director of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia.

Wednesday 12 June 2024


Australian Retail Outlook – Performance, Trends and Predictions

Join Fleur Brown, Chief Industry Affairs Officer, Australian Retailers Association (ARA), as she examines the latest retail industry developments and customer insights to paint a clearer picture of what the financial year has in store.

This presentation is your guide to navigating the dynamic Australian retail landscape, providing essential knowledge for industry professionals. Gain a strategic advantage by understanding key retail metrics, emerging trends, and expert forecasts.

Fleur Brown, Chief Industry Affairs Officer, Australian Retailers Association (ARA)


Navigating the Conscious Fashion Evolution

Join our expert panel, led by Elizabeth Formosa, for a thought-provoking discussion on “Navigating the Conscious Fashion Evolution.” In this session we’ll explore the ever-changing landscape of conscious fashion, where each choice becomes a step forward in a transformative journey.

From considered design practices to ethical sourcing, sustainability, circularity and transparency, our panellists will be your guides in navigating the intricate elements of embarking on a path of positive change. You’re sure to gain valuable insights that will support your implementation of a more sustainable future, one mindful decision at a time. The evolution of conscious fashion is calling—be part of the movement shaping brands with purpose.

Elizabeth Formosa, Founder, Fashioned Equipped, Dr Vaibhav Gaikward, Head of Sustainability at ELK & Rosanna Iacono, CEO & Advisor, The Growth Activists

1:00 – 2:00pm

AI Risks and Opportunities

Like any disruptive technology, the rise of generative AI has unleashed a wave of opportunities and challenges for individuals and businesses alike. The panellists will look at the key challenges that generative AI poses to brand creators and brand owners in Australia and share strategies for mitigating the risks.

The regulation of AI under Australian law will be examined and how upcoming privacy law reforms may impact the use of AI in your business by stakeholders in everyday operations such as the handling of consumer data. This session is not intended to be overly legalistic but will focus on practical case studies and illustrative examples.

Shariqa Mestroni, Special Counsel, James Hoy, Special Counsel, Jessica Laverty, Senior Associate, Bird & Bird

2:30 – 3:30pm

Indigenous Fashion Projects: Bridging Cultures, Creating Opportunities

This panel discussion explores the groundbreaking IFP Pathways Program that was launched by Australian department store chain David Jones in 2020 in collaboration with the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation’s Indigenous Fashion Projects initiative. Led by David Jones general manager of womenswear, footwear and accessories Bridget Veals, this is the first fashion retail-focussed mentoring program in Australia – and arguably the world – dedicated to the rapidly growing Indigenous fashion sector.

A long-term initiative, it provides support at all stages in the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fashion brands via mentoring, workshops, seminars and industry networking opportunities. Over the past four years Australian Indigenous designers have been through the program and presented their collections at the annual David Jones x IFP group showcase at Australian Fashion Week. Join this panel to learn more about this exciting project and the ever-evolving brands.

Michelle Maynard, Manager, Indigenous Fashion Projects, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation Ltd, Juanita Page, Joseph & James, David Leslie, Gali Swimwear and Danielle Santin, Womenswear Buyer, David Jones

3:45 – 4:30pm

Australian Fashion Week Through the Eyes of the Executive

An insider perspective on APAC’s most high-profile fashion event – Australian Fashion Week. Natalie Xenita will touch on the work that goes into the event’s production each year, the strategies – and challenges involved, as well as its journey and achievements since its beginnings in 1996. She’ll also highlight the selection criteria for participating designers, discuss the event’s expansion in recent years, and delve into the sustainability strategy and its key pillars. Additionally, Natalie will shed light on how the event effectively communicates with its international audience, focusing particularly on engaging buyers. Notably, the presentation will go beyond the renowned ‘runway razzle dazzle,’ exploring the various iterations and enhancements that have been incorporated into the event over the years.

Natalie Xenita, Vice President-Managing Director, IMG Fashion Events

Thursday 13 June 2024


Seamless – Changing the Way We Design, Consume and Recycle Clothing

Hear from Ainsley Simpson, Seamless CEO, as she shares updates on how the Seamless scheme has progressed since being announced by Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek a year ago. Ainsley will team up with pivotal Seamless brands and stakeholders from THE ICONIC, Australian Design Council and the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Fashion + Textiles on a dynamic panel, unveiling the extensive groundwork accomplished in recent months, to gear up for the scheme’s full operational launch.

Ainsley Simpson, CEO Seamless, Nicole Conroy, THE ICONIC Sustainability Business Partner: Circularity and Conscious Consumption, Steve Baty, CEO, Australian Design Council & Chair, Meld Studios & Dr Lisa Lake, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Fashion + Textiles


The Digital Product Passport is Coming

What’s in a product label? Now, more than ever, labels will carry a significant weight in customer purchasing decisions. By 2030, all textile products for sale in the EU need to contain a Digital Product Passport (DPP), containing an unprecedented amount of environmental impact data. This profound shift in product traceability demands that all brands, especially those engaged in international wholesale, swiftly align and prepare as soon as they can.

Concurrently, as regulators introduce comprehensive transparency and supply chain due diligence laws, a new era of corporate accountability is unfolding with a strong emphasis on sustainability and circularity.

Join this session to learn how to determine your readiness for compliance with this sweeping change. You’ll discover how to pinpoint and address data gaps and identify strategic partnerships with service providers to guarantee seamless supply chain traceability and data delivery to end-users.

Melinda Tually, Director Ndless: The New Normal, Strategic Human Rights & Sustainability Consultancy, Neha Nagpal, Social and Environmental Manager at APG & Co (Sportscraft, SABA and JAG), Dharshi Hasthanayake, Manager – Sustainability and Circularity, GS1 Australia and Graham Ross, Co-Founder, BlockTexx

1:00 – 2:00pm

Circular Fashion – Moving from Ambition to Implementation

Rosanna will present a practical guide to Circular Fashion for businesses in the sector. The presentation will include:

  • Urgency & Opportunity – we will unpack the stark realities of the sector’s impact and unlock the immense potential of circular practices.
  • Measuring Impact – we’ll guide you through the frameworks that businesses can use to assess their starting point and establish achievable targets to work towards.
  • Joined-Up Action – we’ll identify the critical stakeholders to engage and essential partnerships to form, ensuring credibility and success.
  • Case Studies – we’ll cover some practical examples of how leaders in the space are delivering meaningful progress towards circular business models.

You’ll leave with valuable resources and actionable next steps to kickstart your business’s circular journey, while becoming a force for positive change in the industry.

Rosanna Iacono, CEO, The Growth Activists

2.30 – 3.30pm

Pursuing Social Justice: The Impact of the Living Wage Movement

In an era marked by growing economic disparities and social inequalities, the Living Wage movement stands as a beacon of hope for equitable labour practices and fair wages. This session will delve into the significance and impact of the Living Wage initiative, featuring insights from a panel of industry experts.
James Bartle, renowned for his pioneering efforts in sustainable fashion through Outland Denim, will share firsthand experiences and reflections on implementing the Living Wage within his company.
Complementing this practical perspective, Shelley Marshall, an esteemed academic from RMIT University, will provide, via discussion, a scholarly analysis of the Living Wage movement. Drawing on empirical research and expertise in development studies and business and human rights, Marshall will explore impetus for a living wage, and the challenges for business in ensuring a living wage in their supply chains.
Melinda Tually, a strategic human rights and sustainability advisor, soon to embark on a Churchill fellowship to research the implementation of living wages in apparel supply chains, will discuss practical efforts brands can take to commence their living wage journeys and the different approaches currently being utilised by the industry globally.

James Bartle, CEO, Outland Denim, Professor Shelley Marshall, RMIT & Melinda Tually, Director Ndless

Friday 14 June 2024


Sustainability Tracing in the Supply Chain

Evelyn will delve into strategies for fostering collaboration among Brands and Manufacturers and Forwarders, with a strong emphasis on integrating technology into supply chain management and promoting sustainable production practices.

Real-world experiences will give visitors actionable strategies for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry.

Evelyn Gibson, Partnerships Lead, World Fashion Exchange


Social Compliance Audit Fatigue: Fresh approaches to a growing problem

Delve into the phenomenon of ‘Audit Fatigue’ within the realm of social compliance audits as we explore its origins, global ramifications, and emerging solutions. Discover how increased attention from legislators worldwide is shaping the future of supply chain due diligence. Bonnic will shed light on how the industry is progressing towards cost-effective and independent audits, which can significantly alleviate audit fatigue for factories, thus contributing to a more streamlined and effective supply chain due diligence environment.

Bonnic Chung, Strategic Advisor, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

1:00 – 2:00pm

“Perfect your Pitch” Insights on How to Present Your Collection to International Fashion Buyers.

Designers, do you know what it takes to capture the attention of a Buyer and effectively present your collection?

Set yourself up for success by uncovering insider secrets, receiving valuable tips and gaining industry insights to craft a compelling pitch for potential buyers. Learn about the hidden costs, expectations and other helpful information that will optimise your preparation for the presentation. Gain valuable insights from fashion industry veteran Jude Kingston on achieving this for your brand.

Jude Kingston, Director, Mind your Fashion

2:30 – 3:30pm

Changes to Chinese Garment Supply Chain and How to Deal with Your Chinese Suppliers – from a Chinese clothing supplier’s perspective

Mr Shan founded a clothing company 20 years ago, being a small to medium-sized clothing export company. As an industry veteran, he is familiar with changes, over the past 20 years, in China’s garment international trade supply chain which directly influences the sourcing strategy. In this session you will gain a better understanding of the garment supply chain in China, including the strengths and weaknesses of small, medium and large exporters. Mr Shan is from Ningbo, a garment manufacturing centre and home to thousands of clothing companies including producers of international brands like Uniqlo, as well as small to medium companies that serve boutiques and online stores.

Mr Shan, General Manager, Ningbo King O’Melly IMP EXP CO LTD