Discover the power of worldwide connections at the Global Sourcing Expo!

Join us for an exhilarating showcase of global trade, where innovation meets opportunity. With over 100 exhibitors from around the globe, this premier event brings together industry leaders, suppliers, and buyers under one roof.

Experience a diverse range of products and services, from cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions, all tailored to meet your sourcing needs.

Engage in insightful discussions, forge new partnerships, and unlock untapped markets. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to connect with the world, expand your business horizons, and drive global success.

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About the Global Sourcing Expo

The Global Sourcing Expo is a highly anticipated 2-day event that brings together manufacturers, and suppliers from around the world. This international trade show provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products, explore new markets, and establish valuable connections.

With a focus on global sourcing, the expo offers a wide range of industries, including textiles, footwear, fragrances, furniture, and more. Attendees benefit from networking opportunities, product demonstrations, and insightful seminars, making it a must-attend event for those seeking to enhance their global supply chain and expand their business horizons.

Global Sourcing Expo
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